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Author: Dr David Stevens
Pub Date: August 1997
Binding: Hardcover
Trim Size: 240 x 178 mm
ISBN: 0-07-470481-8
No of Pages: 376
Price $59.95 Australian RRP
$87.00 NZ (includes GST)

"This is an eminently readable book which is full of sound practical advice.
It describes a range of group problem solving methodologies
and illustrates vividly how they can aid modern business.
Mr Stevens is without doubt one of the world's most accomplished facilitators.
He has written a book which deserves to be read."

Dr Stuart Green, The University of Reading, UK

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This book is for any manager or team leader in any sized organisation, public or private, who needs to implement processes of projects and yield maximum returns with minimum risk.


Dr David Stevens is an organisational and corporate psychologist. He formed Strategic Thinking 10 years ago and since then has been involved in more than 1000 studies and projects with major government and multinational organisations in Australasia, the USA, the UK, Europe and the Asia-Pacific region. He believes that we must harness the human mind, especially working in focused groups, as the greatest resource available in the development of businesses and projects. This concept has been applied to a wide range of businesses and projects, from small to large, all with outstanding success.


In Strategic Thinking, Dr Stevens advocates that the formal group problem solving methodologies that he has refined and practiced worldwide should be taken from the large government and private sector organisations and applied to small business to dramatically increase profitability.

The processes put forward in the book are practical and can be undertaken in short, one to two day workshops or retreats. Chapters include:


Strategic Thinking will allow the reader to:

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Strategic Thinking the paper-back version

"The value management process identified savings of HK$1.4 billion in three days for a project in Honk Kong; £80 million for another in England in one day; more than Aus$70 million in two days for an airport in Australia. What project can afford not to have the benefits of these secrets?"

Ian Daly
Chairman, Rawlinsons, Australia

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Strategic Thinking written in Chinese language

"Many of Dr. Stevens' facilitation secrets are revealed, but the extensive use of case studies for real organisations gives the reader tremendous insight in decision-making processes that lead to success for organisation, big or small."

Filipo Sarti
Managing Director, Symonds Facilities and Project Management, Australia

"The techniques and processes described in this book are proven. this easy-to-read presentation articulates how strategic thinking and group problem solving can be exploited on major infrastructure projects."

Malcolm Pearson
Managing Director, Maunsell Management, Hong Kong


Participatory Business Planning

In this book, David Stevens explains how the principles of Participatory Business Planning may be applied to any business or public body, of any size and how they can turn adversity into prosperity and efficiency.

The innovative approach to business planning described in this book is the result of not only many years' research, but of the experience of running over 300 participatory sessions in a whole range of enterprises, in every State in Australia as well as other countries throughout the world.

Through this book, David Stevens brings the benefit of the revolutionary concept to all companies and steers them through the troubled waters of recession.

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D'ettut is the 'nom de plume' for an exciting new author of fiction. Read on for glimpses of books completed.

Amber Reins Fall

This is a prequel to Pie Square and Greenwars. It is Adelaide in the 1960's and 70's. Adam Teforp stumbles through his adolescence, constantly confronted by his obsessive, grossly materialistic father. Early days as a confused hippie give way to outlandish yet astute entrepreneurship. The double suicide of his gay mentor and the gay mentor's lover leaves an indelible imprint that profoundly affects Adam's later life.

Adam becomes involved in a covert world of wealth and intrigue. Unknown to the public he stores nuclear waste in the barren desert of South Australian out-back...for a price!

Today's society defined by yesterday's views of tomorrow......... d'ettut's "crystal ball" at work

Dr Stephen Treloar
CEO Cumberland Industries Ltd

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Pie Square

A satirical look at contemporary youth, corporate greed and the fast-food industry.

“A Sterne novel with a touch of Rabelais.”

“A benevolent Mein Kampf.”

“A poignant social comment through a parody of parables.”

“A pacifist, sexless romp through fast food to pie in the sky Utopia.”

“A quixotic picaresque.”

“Insane. A truly experimental novel not so much in the future but in a parallel universe. A universe similar to ours but where youth is taken seriously.”

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Vampire Cities

What really happened at the Sydney Olympics?

Mystic, psychotic or dipsomaniac? Anderson has a life threatening disease and nothing to lose. Or has he? An artifact of extraordinary value has fallen into his hands. But he is being hunted around the world by the mysterious and powerful Vampire club. His ‘visitations’ give him insights into dimensions which, until now, have been hidden from the masses. Human society will never, ever be the same again. The final revelation comes at the Sydney Olympics.

“Distortions of the psyche. Mirrors in the mind. What is real? A Salvador Dali in print” Ian Kortlang

“Has Australian literature been thrust into the 21st Century?” Dr Rosa Corrigan

“The unfeeling greed and reckless arrogance of big business is hung out to dry.” Michael Wilding

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Greenwars The End of Mankind

“The ultimate conspiracy – a virus released to cull the exploding world population. The ultimate in paranoia – talking animals taking over the world. Great fiction, terrifying prophecy.” Michael Wilding

“A poignant comment on society and a rich reflection of our foibles.” Peter King: Chairman Australian Heritage Commission

“Animal Farm for the new Millennium!” John Reed

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If you want to purchase one of the fiction books, post a cheque to PO Box 3, Wentworth Falls NSW 2782 for $20 (incl. postage) for each book. Make cheque out to "All About Change Pty Ltd". Or for enquiries call 0414 556468.